Types of new Screens explained

There are five different types of screen to choose from.

  • Board of Icons
  • Data Entry Form
  • Details Screen
  • List of Data
  • Map a Data Source

Only the Data Entry Form can be used to enter or edit Data.


An example use case could be:

A Board of Icons for a particular use, like one board for data entry and one for data viewing.

List of Data displaying a list of contacts from a Data-source. Could be set to open:

Details Screen of one contact showing any or all contact information about that contact. No data entry is possible on this screen, but could be set to open the:

Data Entry Form either to edit an existing contact, delete or create a new one. This form would have to be uploaded to send the data to the platform. A sync on the setting screen of the app would have to be performed to see the changes in any data-source. Network and server update time allowing.

Map a Data Source screen would show a location of each place a Data Entry Form upload was performed.


Screen Can enter or edit Data Description
Board of Icons no Used only for displaying a custom set or group of other Screens, including another Board of icons. Could be used as a menu.  ss (2015-11-20 at 02.06.54)
Data Entry Form yes This is the main Data entry Screen.

This is the only way to enter, edit and or upload Data. It can be linked to multiple Data-sources, be used to open other Screens, perform many other actions or functions, including opening Web pages, calling Telephone numbers, insert camera photos.

 ss (2015-11-20 at 02.07.05)
Details Screen no Displays one entry from a Data-source.

The Details Screen lists one Data-source and any or all the fields from within the source. Can be used to perform tasks like opening a linked screen or Website.

 ss (2015-11-20 at 02.34.29)
List of Data no Displays a list from a Data-source.

The Listing Screen lists one Data-source and up to 4 fields from within the source. Can be used to perform tasks like opening a linked screen or Website.

 ss (2015-11-20 at 02.07.20)
Map a Data Source no  Displays a map of locations from the GPS coordinates of Data entries with the location log turned on.  ss (2015-11-20 at 02.07.27)


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