Here are some guides covering the main features of the app and design platform. From designing a form to viewing and using the data from the completed forms.

After registering and logging in we can create our first form from the Screens page.

Working with the Platform

  1. Create my first Form
  2. Functions & the Formula builder
  3. Add a connector
  4. Using templates
  5. Where is my completed Data?

Using the mobile App

  1. Logging in
    • The login screen explained
    • Choosing a language
    • Changing user
  2. Open and complete form
    • Icon board explained
    • Opening form
    • Filling out fields
    • Different field input styles
    • Navigating
    • Saving and exit
    • Opening a saved form
    • Completing and uploading
  3. The history
  4. Getting Tasks
  5. The settings screen
    • Check for updates
    • Changing the password
    • Version number



Dynamic Titles and Hints. Creating/Editing A Form. Tutorial. Create a Formula. Workflows. Formula Builder. Import CSV/Excel Questions. Create a “List of Data” Screen. Your Finger is a Pencil. Introduction to Forms. Create form from the Catalog. Create a “Details” Screen. Types of new Screen. Dynamic Question Features. Showing and Hiding Questions. Dynamic Answers and Calculations. Form Settings.