POSITION(repeatdataname) Repeat Position The numbered position of the specified repeated page/group instance. Useful for generating incremental numbers for sections/clauses (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) Parameter is the data name of the repeatable page/group. e.g. POSITION({{myrepeatpage}})
SUM(val) Sum Values
COUNT(val) Count Values
MAX(val) Maximum Value
MIN(val) Minimum Value
JOIN('separator', val1, val2) Concatenate Values With Seperator
useremail(). sin(). Generate a Unique ID Code. Location Functions. pi(). tanh(). round(). atan(). Logic. string(). Mathematical Functions. radians(). sqrt(). Contextual Functions. ‘.’ (dot). random(). Choices Functions. Process Steps. Create a Formula. cos().