FORMAT-DATE(val, format) Format Date/Time To String Convert a date/time to formatted string value.
FORMAT-NUM(val, format) Format Number To String Convert a number to a formatted string value.
DATE(val) Value To Date  Convert a value to a date value
STRING(val) Value To String  Convert a value to a string
INT(val) Value To Integer  Convert a value to an integer
NUMBER(val) Value To Number  Convert a value to a number
BOOLEAN(val) Value To Boolean  Convert a value to a boolean
IMGURL(imgfieldname) Field To Image URL Generates the web URL to the given image field.
boolean(). Template Functions. sinh(). Location Functions. imgurl(). param1(). useremail(). degrees(). Mathematical Functions. Process Steps. acos(). Data Conversion. Logic. Functions Table. format-date(). now(). sqrt(). Date/Time Functions. utcnow(). Repeats.