FORMAT-DATE(val, format) Format Date/Time To String Convert a date/time to formatted string value.
FORMAT-NUM(val, format) Format Number To String Convert a number to a formatted string value.
DATE(val) Value To Date  Convert a value to a date value
STRING(val) Value To String  Convert a value to a string
INT(val) Value To Integer  Convert a value to an integer
NUMBER(val) Value To Number  Convert a value to a number
BOOLEAN(val) Value To Boolean  Convert a value to a boolean
IMGURL(imgfieldname) Field To Image URL Generates the web URL to the given image field.
sqrt(). param1(). Mathematical Functions. imgurl(). radians(). today(). int(). degrees(). Generate a Unique ID Code. utcnow(). Contextual Functions. random(). Repeats. Location Functions. counter(). tanh(). orgname(). globalval(). boolean(). now().