All categories of Functions used within form or template design.

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Advanced Math Advanced Mathematical functions
Choices  Choices Functions
Contextual Device and account environment specific information.
Data Conversion Various Data conversion formula
Date/Time Returns or calculates Date/Time related input
Excel Financial Functions Functions specific to Spreadsheets
Location Useful Global Positioning System functions
Logic Various Conditional formula
Math Mathematical operators and functions.
Process Steps Step-Process related functions
Repeats Functions dealing with in-form repeating fields
Template Functions Functions used in Form Templates.
Text Text based functions for manipulating text string
Excel Financial Functions. date(). sqrt(). Functions Table. utcnow(). Choices Functions. orgname(). counter(). imgurl(). userlastname(). sinh(). Process Steps. Logic. logarithm(). radians(). globalval(). sin(). utctoday(). format-date(). useremail().