When you need to show an extra conditional page depending on a previous answer, the following example is one way of doing this.

First lets set up our Data Source.

Open the Data Source form and ‘Add new’.

ss (2015-03-19 at 03.10.59)


Just add a name for the source for now and save it.


Then fill out your fields as shown here.

ss (2015-03-19 at 03.09.27)

Go to form Design and make sure to click

ss (2015-03-19 at 03.25.20)

Now we insert a choices field into our form with the ss (2015-03-19 at 03.15.08) icon on the left.

Choose a name for it and fill out the options as shown.

choices field


You can set up a Static list like this example or use our Data Source we set up earlier.

Now we use the visibility option on our photo page with the formula.

{{dataName}} = ‘Yes’

photo page

Save and publish the form.

Now the Photo Page will only show when the choice ‘Yes’ is touched.

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