POSITION(repeatdataname) Repeat Position The numbered position of the specified repeated page/group instance. Useful for generating incremental numbers for sections/clauses (e.g. 1.1, 1.2, 1.3) Parameter is the data name of the repeatable page/group. e.g. POSITION({{myrepeatpage}})
SUM(val) Sum Values
COUNT(val) Count Values
MAX(val) Maximum Value
MIN(val) Minimum Value
JOIN('separator', val1, val2) Concatenate Values With Seperator
cos(). Functions Table. random(). now(). userfirstname(). Data Conversion. acos(). string(). tanh(). round(). param1(). cosh(). utctoday(). asin(). globalval(). imgurl(). utcnow(). today(). Mathematical Functions. sinh().