. dot The current answer from within the field.
TODAY() today The current local date reported by the device.
NOW() now The current local date and time reported by the device.
UTCTODAY() utctoday The current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) date reported by the device.
UTCNOW() utcnow The current Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) date and time reported by the device.
USEREMAIL() useremail FormsFly account user’s email address
USERFIRSTNAME() userfirstname FormsFly account user’s first name
USERLASTNAME() userlastname FormsFly account user’s last name
USEREXTERNALID() userexternalid FormsFly account user’s external id
ORGNAME() orgname FormsFly account organisation name
COUNTER(padwidth) counter Simple counter that increments by 1 every time a new Form entry is created in the app. Will left pad the counter with zeroes to the specified padwidth length.
PARAM1() parameter The value passed into the Form from the calling Screen’s User Interaction Value (if any)
GLOBALVAL('keyname') globalval Gets the Global Value for the specified key name (if any)
Location Functions. Generate a Unique ID Code. Repeats. orgname(). pi(). Logic. Functions. Create a Formula. boolean(). round(). cos(). counter(). degrees(). Choices Functions. sqrt(). random(). Process Steps. tanh(). cosh(). Date/Time Functions.